WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Audit Enquiry

The Audit window is an enquiry window offering Administrators an official systematic recording of transaction and price book changes made by users.
Edit Onsite Transactions tab:
The Edit Onsite and Edit Exit Transactions Field List is that of the Main Transactions Grid.
Audit Enquiry
Edit Exit Transactions tab:
All functionality of the Edit Onsite Transactions tab is mirrored within the Edit Exit Transactions tab with the exception of Action Statuses because there is no deletion of an Exit saved transaction for security purposes and therefore the function or action is one of User Edit only.
Edit Price book tab:
The Edit Price book tab varies slightly in that it offers two Compare grids one for the Price book Header (far right) and the other for Price book product lines comparison. The Operation field reports User actions just as Action Statuses do of: