WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Grid Filter Builder

Designed for those who want to go beyond one step filtering, the Filter Builder is a customizable dialog that allows users to build filter criteria of any complexity with a simple yet elegant interface placing the entire power of filtering the WZWB sub system at your fingertips. Positioned below the grid footer a special area is dedicated to displaying the current filter criteria, giving users direct feedback on filter conditions including the ability to instantly turn the filter on or off, clear it or further customize it using the Customize button.
Grid Filter Builder
Through a simple process of selecting columns to filter against, an operator for the filter and one or more values to apply to the filter against that column, users will be able to create even the most sophisticated of filters simply and easily.
1. Select a column...
2. Select an operator...
3. Record a value (as above)
4. Repeat until all the criteria for the Filter has been specified...
Simplicity in selection of date or time stamp fields or date and time fields options;
Between or IN and NOT IN and so much more user friendly separate operations.
Criteria can be added without limit, and can be grouped into blocks using logical relations such as AND, OR, NOT OR, NOT AND to specify extremely sophisticated filter criteria simply by adding to the criteria.
In summary the ability to graphically build filter criteria simply and directly is offered as standard. The Filter Builder functionality is intuitive, delivering advanced control with easy function that creates efficiency in hand, for all WZWB Users.