WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Transport Destination Cost & Price Setup

The Product Cost and Price section (below, bottom) of the Destination Cost and Price window is locked to that of a Cart (transport) Type Product. Users will record either a price or cost or both within the Price and Cost boxes where Save will then be  highlighted and the Price and Cost process for the new Destination is complete.
Where users are creating Destinations on the fly i.e. The Destination Cost and Price window is accessed from the Pre-Entry, Entry or Exit windows using the bottom Save button will close the window and default, prepopulate the new Destination created into Destination field of these windows. 
Congratulations successful Destination setup completed with product pickup from Location BCD, using JACK as your transport company (or sub contractor,) for Customer ADCO and with their Destination of WRIGHTZONE. The profit centre has determined (in this example) JACK is to be paid $8.50 per tonne (being the transport cost to the profit centre and price for delivery from the transport supplier).  
Users can choose not to set up the transport product Price to the customer (which is common for for on Account Customers) because the profit centre is employing multiple transport Suppliers for the job (often referencing a single destination in addition) with all transactional data visibly managed as per each Order, Price book setup and separated again per Supplier. Cash Sale Supply and Deliver transactions types will often have have a transport price set at this level because Cash Sale customers and orders are typically small requiring one to three deliveries only and based on this Cash Sale Customers will pay List (or Location) Price for the profit centres product (meaning the Cash Sale Orders typically have no Price book assigned) and users will find it easier to simply set and record a transport price at this level where a new order or price book need not be created because WZWB looks at Location, and for transport Location to Destination rates initially which are then superceded by the Order and Price book combinations.