WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Onsite Entry

POS Onsite Entry is easy for any vehicle driver. The majority of transactions are Supply Only e.g. Vehicle and hauler combination are transporting for themselves and/or their customers and when true POS will offer the Supply Only Destination text type field only allowing drivers to record any other related information. Where haulers/transport companies are or have been employed by the profit centre (i.e. BCD Quarries) then drivers are offered a Destination field in addition.
Onsite Entry


Returns Users to the POS welcome MAIN Screen for input of the vehicle ID.
1. Cancel    

Vehicle ID & Hauler Label

Reports Vehicle ID (left) and Hauler/Transport Company (right).
2. Vehicle ID & Hauler Label

Vehicle Configuration

Vehicle Configuration for a driver is the physicality of the vehicle being Truck Only, Truck & Trailer etc. 
3. Vehicle Configuration

Transport Type

Transport Type (is the Cart Calculation field and) will default as per the Vehicle Configuration. Is used internally to update both the transport price and cost values for a Supply and Deliver transaction type; Profit centre fleets can be easily trained in the varying combinations and what they mean should the Profit centre choose to employ them at this level otherwise where necessary operations (Basic Users) will and can update this field as applicable.  
4. Transport Type
  • The most common combination whether a Supply only or Supply and Deliver transaction type is having the Vehicle Configuration (field) being a match to Transport Type (Cart Calculation field) hence system defaulted this way.  


5. Customer
  • Predictive text enabled.
  • The Customer Selection available for any Hauler can be limited using the Hauler Customers functionality.

Customer Order

6. Customer Order
  • Predictive text enabled.
  • New Job/Order option.

New Order

7. New Order
  • Single field, text type touch and saved with a status of Check providing User notification.
  • The new order is to be checked.


Rock Type products only and as per the profit centre Product Location, cost and price.  
8. Product
  • Predictive text enabled.
  • When products are not recorded with a Location cost or price dollar value (e.g. Blank) for the profit centre the Rock Type product is not available for selection via the POS Terminal.

Supply Only Destination

Supply Only Destination is the default value and is designed to allow drivers to record anything of preference related to the transaction they are creating.
9. Supply Only Destination
  • Predictive text enabled.
  • Text type field that recalls all text type values per profit centre.
  • When True creates a supply only transaction type.
Supply and Deliver transaction types are also offered as standard;
New Destination
The New Destination button is offered only to transport suppliers, setup as such, within the profit centre.
  • Single field, text type touch and saved (in the backend of the system with a Destination Cost and Price value of $0.00).
  • Creates a new Destination for the driver creating a Supply and Deliver transaction type.
  • On save defaults the new destination detail back into the Onsite Entry data window.
  • The description saved creates both a code and name for the full Destination combination and Path.
  • Destinations created and saved under POS are easily identifiable to operators via the Destination Enquiry window in simply filtering results where both price and cost is $0.00.
  • Operators need to check and update all Destinations created under the POS terminal.
  • During manned operations Users are provided with the following notification in such circumstances offering both a reminder and call to action;

Touch screen Keyboard

The touch screen keyboard will be as per your machine (MS Windows) operating system and version. 
10. Touch screen Keyboard

On Run - Transaction Recall

The On Run button provides Transaction Recall functionality recalling the last Vehicle Configuration, Customer, Order, Product and Supply or Destination detail as per the last transaction saved for and one vehicle ID. On Entry the transaction recall function is defaulted but drivers can still amend or change any of the detail system delivered; drivers can also use this button to undo any invalid changes in addition but its main purpose is in combination with the use of Pre-Entry transactions.
11. On Run - Transaction Recall

Onsite weight Panel

Reports the vehicles Last Tare Weight and the new tare weight as per the weighbridge scale.
12. Onsite weight Panel
  • On Save the Tare Weight for the vehicle is set where the vehicle is reported as being Onsite.

Split Load button

The Split Load button is designed for a vehicle configuration that occurs on a semi regular basis and caters to the situation of a different product being transported on the truck to that of the trailer. The Split Load button is only visible to drivers having a database stored truck ID (e.g. THEWZ) and trailer ID (e.g. THEWZT) and with both ID's having a stored tare weight. 
13. Split Load button
  • Drivers can click on and off, the Split Load button when on; WZWB will calculate or recall a tare weight as per product vehicle configuration settings and when off restores weighbridge scale weight settings.
  • Where the vehicle configuration is that of a Truck & Trailer and the driver clicks Split Load a calculation is performed, subtracting the last Trailer Tare stored from the Last Truck and Trailer stored tare resulting in a Truck Only Tare weight being reported in the Onsite weight panel.  This calculation will supercede the 'current' tare weight being reported from the weighbridge scale,
  • Where the vehicle configuration is that of a Trailer Only and the driver clicks Split Load the stored tare for the trailer will result in being the current Tare weight reported in the Onsite weight panel.