WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Invoice Maintenance

The Invoice window is an enquiry window for Basic Users and for Administrators offers function and process for exporting transactions from WZWB into your external Accounting or ERP application. The standard right click to access the relevant Pop outs for each grid are available as is field drag and drop grid flexibility; with the Invoice Header grid working like a Navigation grid populating results within Invoice Line Detail grid on user selection of any Invoice Header. 
Invoice Maintenance
The Export Process
There are three methods with which to export transactions from WZWB;
1. Scheduled - Exports all transactions not set as exported only.
2. Manual - Exporting transactions on user selection as per the functional methods provided;
3. Live - Exports transactions on Exit and Edit-Exit save from the time when Live Export is set to True on the WZWB Client.

Invoice Header gird

The Invoice Header grid is used to process the exporting of transactions from WZWB into your ERP application manually and easily. With selection of an Invoice Header and the appropriate Export Type on click of the Export button the Header and its corresponding Lines are exported.
1. Invoice Header gird
  • The export process will still occur when Invoice Headers are grouped and/or filtered.
  • Using the CTRL key users can select multiple individual Headers and export successfully.
  • Using mouse click with the SHIFT key users can select a range of Headers to export successfully.
  • With successful or unsuccessful export users are provided with the relevant notification providing further instruction if applicable.

Invoice Header Field List

Means Index and sequence identifier.
Profit Centre
Means the entity or company owning the invoice.
Invoice Number
Means the unique system generated reference for the invoice. 
Customer Code
Means the unique code allocated on setup within the Customer window.
Means the Customer Name setup within the Customer window.
Order Code
Means the system generated unique Order Code. A new Invoice Header is created for every Customer Order and within each new period.
Order Name
Means the Order Name User set on Order setup.
Order Type
Means Supply Only or Cart and Supply offering an identifiable method with which to group Orders.
Means the net total for the Invoice Header in adding together the net values for each invoice line that are grouped together making up the invoice.
Means the Gross Total (Net (above) plus Tax total) being the total amount payable by the Customer including taxes.
Posting Date
Means the date of the first exit saved transaction within the Customers set period creating the invoice header's Posting Date.
Means the Customer Period set within the customer window.
End Of Period
Means the last date of the current period.
Batch Code
Means the unique numeric number set under Tools Menu; Options, Auto Generate Code tab grouping transactions by profit centre and period (batch) for invoice production and distribution.
Batch Description
Means a system generated description, generally describing a group of transactions including the period from; they are relevant.
True or False and is designed to ensure your WZWB application and ERP system remain in sync. When True means the invoice and all invoice lines making up the invoice are locked where users can view only and no longer edit the exit saved transaction.
True or False reporting whether the Invoice Header has been created in your ERP system.

Show Not Exported Lines

Show Not Exported Lines; groups on True, all Invoice Headers with all lines and any one invoice line reported as Exported is False.  
3. Show Not Exported Lines

Show Lines in Error

The Show Lines in Error radio button on True reports all Invoice Header Lines (searching by line) that have been selected for export via any method and failed. This User filter groups all invoice lines reporting the external system error (sampled):
4. Show Lines in Error
  • Cannot create invoice header: STU05817 -> ?ERROR The document date is invalid, 
  • Cannot add invoice line for Reference: BCDS05219 -> ?ERROR Invalid invoice BCDS05219
  • The errors reported are produced from the ERP application and then reported in WZWB therefore resolve is typically found in updating settings within your ERP application.
  • Show Lines in Error as True will be rare, infrequent and easily resolved with successful ERP Interface settings and your Committed Consulting Team. We look to providing a few error examples during training which includes what the messages means and how to go about resolving the error.   
  • When scheduling transaction export provides for an easy user maintenance check.
  • When True defaults as True Show Not Exported Lines.

Lines By Posting Date Range

The Lines By Posting Date Range True or False features a filter (From and To) Posting Date meaning by invoice line detail all Exit saved transactions within the date range selected.
5. Lines By Posting Date Range

Export Type & button

The Export Type and button work together. Users select the relevant Invoice Headers from the Invoice Header grid then select a a method of export (below). 
6. Export Type & button         
  • Not Exported - Means the Invoice Headers initially and secondly all Invoice Lines that report 'Exported' as False, only.
  • Exported (Re-export) - Means the re-export of all Invoice Lines that report 'Exported' as True, only.
  • Synchronize - Means the export of all Invoice Lines that are reported as Exported, True or False.
  • Both - Means the export of all transactions (consisting of Invoice Header and Line detail) that report 'Exported' as True or False; available from the Transactions grid Pop out only.
  • Lock - Means a process after successful Invoice Headers with All Line Detail having been successfully 'Exported' as True, only.
  • Unlock - Means a reverse of the Lock process making Exit transactions editable.
  • 'Exported' means True or False and is reported within the Invoice Header and Line Detail grids.  

Export Invoice Line Detail Field List

Means Index and sequence identifier.
Sales Description
Is a General Ledger related term referencing the posting of transactions within your external accounting system. Sales - Distribution will post to a transport account where Sales - Rock will post to a (rock) product sales account, options vary based on client requirements and your general ledger setup.
Means the Gross Weight less the Tare Weight equating to a Net Weight being the Product Weight only in tonne for the Invoice Line.
Means the Cart & Supply (Supply and Deliver) Price. When the transaction type is Supply Only the Rock Type Unit Price will always match the Supply & Deliver price. WZWB calculates and adds the Rock Type and Cart Type Product units (or measure typically per tonne) prices together (including Fixed Price combinations) into a single unit price within the Export Line Invoice Detail grid.
Means the net total for the Invoice Line.
Means a compulsory contribution to state revenue (within New Zealand and Australia your Goods & Services Tax (GST)) component receivable on every transaction; setup as a percentage with Administrator privileges only under the Tools, Options, System tab.
Means the Gross Total (Net plus Tax total) being the total amount payable by the Customer including taxes.
Means the primary values (as WZWB client requested) with which to populate Exit saved transaction data into (e.g docket number, date, vehicle ID, and destination etc).
Posting Date
Means the date with which the Exit saved transaction was created.
True or False reporting whether the Invoice Line has been created in your ERP system and therefore exported successfully.
Line Number
Means the line number for the Invoice Header which is system allocated and always sequential based on the date and time of the Exit saved transaction.
Export Kind
Means means the method employed with which the Invoice Line was successfully exported.
Export Last Error
Means an error reported by the external system and then captured and reported in WZWB providing reason as to why the invoice line was not exported successfully.

Export Invoice Line Detail

The Export Line Detail grid reports field by field, line for line WZWB Exit saved transactions in the Invoice line by line format matching the fields existing and therefore mapped to your ERP application.
8. Export Invoice Line Detail

Product & Distribution Line Detail

The Product & Distribution Line detail grid is visible on selection of the Show/Hide Split Line radio and is used to confirm the line detail of Supply and Deliver transaction types, separating out the cartage (transport) customer price from the rock type product price per each Exit saved transaction. 
9. Product & Distribution Line Detail