WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Transport Location to Destination Back loading

In the real world a Profit centre can run low on product hence it might choose to out source the product from either another Profit centre or another entity, (being a site or location entirely) and so based on this business requirement; Location Management is an essential toolset for the success of daily operations. Back loading is an internal term (commonly meaning between internal Profit centres) used when replenishing (via out sourcing) product from another Profit centre, entity or Location.
The Profit centre is back loading (out sourcing) and in this example;
1. Location Rock Shop with a (rock type) product of Sand, price and cost setup (pictured left, below)
2. Destination with a (cart type) product Cost and Price setup (pictured right, below) - From Location, using Hauler/Supplier, for (internal) Customer, to (internal) Customers Destination.
3. Location BCD Quarries with a Sand, price and cost setup (below) now has Sand available for Pre-Entry, Entry and Exit transactions.
4. Resulting in the following Onsite transaction (below, left).