WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Main Footer

The WZWB Main Footer offers the applications running status at any point in time, reporting the Multi-Master database connection, user logged in, default profit centre, ERP connection state and grid profile name.   
Main Footer


Reports the Ip address and open port of your WZWB Multi-Master database connection.
1. Connected


Reports in real-time whether users are connected to their Primary or Secondary Multi-Master database.
2. Database 
  • Should the Primary Master database fail for any reason users are rerouted automatically to a Secondary Master for continued, successful operations.  


As an Administrator you will be required to login and setup WZWB local machine settings of printers, scales and other common devices for users from time to time hence the purpose of reporting the user logged within the main footer.  
3. User

Profit Centre

Profit centre represents a department, division or entity that 'owns' a job or order. Profit centres are used for the purposes of establishing which accounts to post transactions to, and analysing jobs using reports.
4. Profit Centre

ERP Connection

Is used to determine the direct connection status between WZWB and your ERP application. When Administration Users have successfully connected to your ERP application using Set as Main ERP Machine with the Live ERP Export radio button the ERP status will report as Connected.  
5. ERP Connection
  • This setting reports the connection status between the WZWB main or primary machine set to export transactions from which is typically the same machine (server) that has your ERP application installed on.
  • WZWB clients will report this status as Closed because Administrators export via the WZ Scheduler Service which is not a direct connection to the ERP database and application. 

Grid Profile Name

The Grid Profile Name user selected and loaded.
6. Grid Profile Name