WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Settings System Tab

Settings System Tab

GST Rate

By default after installation this is set to 15% for New Zealand companies. This is the percentage that will default and be applied during transaction entry.
1. GST Rate
  • Administration privileges are required to edit this value. 

Allow Movement Count

The Allow Movement Count determines whether Consent Management regulations are True for the profit centre providing a large range of notifications for users based on the Movement Count values recorded and setup under the Tools, Options, Movement Count tab.  When False Administrator Users can still setup Movement Counts for the applicable profit centre where users will not receive the related notifications.    
2. Allow Movement Count
  • Load Out Start and Finish Time notifications will still be provided with the Active Time radio button being set as True.
  • The Consent Management reporting window will continue to report Vehicle Movements within the hourly range as per the Start Minutes Past the Hour set for Entry and Exit.