WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Default Profit Centre window

All users set with access to HO (Head Office) are considered Administrator Users meaning that on login where multiple profit centres have been setup they have a choice of which profit centre to default the current operations view. Accessed from the Tools Menu allows Administrators to switch between profit centres without the need to login again. Basic Users assigned to multiple profit centres can also be set with access to this function via user Security Maintenance.    
Default Profit Centre window
Administrators in viewing transactions globally can only edit transactions for the default profit centre they are logged in to and on trying to edit a transaction belonging to another; notification is provided (below) requiring update of the currently set, default profit centre.

Profit Centre Combo Box

The combo box offers a drop down selection of all profit centres (divisions or entities) subject to User Setup Maintenance and privileges.
1. Profit Centre Combo Box

Set button

Updates a users operations view based on the profit centre selected and Set.
2. Set button
  • The selected Default View sets New Orders, Price Books, Locations and Destinations being a match to the default profit centre selected. 
  • Administrators can only edit transactions as per their current default profit centre.
  • Administrators can still set up Customers, Suppliers, Jobs, Price books, Locations and more as per any profit centre alas the default values system set, are, as per the default profit centre the user is logged into.