WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Profit Centre Setup

A Profit Center is a business unit or department within an organisation that generates revenue and profit or losses. Users are assigned to one or multiple profit centres, with user security controlling the level of access and/or functionality available to each user in relation to profit centre(s) i.e. transaction entry, enquiries and reports production etc.
Profit Centre Setup
Define and Analyze Current Business Requirements
This step is an important prerequisite before any data is converted or imported and/or setup. It involves a review of your current business processes in relation to site operations. You should conduct analysis of your requirements so that you are able to determine how WZWB should be set up to support your business needs. This analysis should also include a review of accounts and existing operation processes that assist in determining how to interface, configure and/or setup your application in addition to reporting requirements and outputs.
Your Committed Consultant will be able to assist you in preparing your business requirements' in producing a tailored WZWB Scope of Service or Project Plan which is designed to help you understand how WZWB will satisfy your business operation requirements.
Develop Procedures Documentation & Train Users
Once you have set up the Profit Centre (company or entity) to meet your business needs, you should update your process and procedures documentation as required. Where a WZWB process or function differs from your existing system, we recommend training Key (Administration) Users in the application of WZWB functionality and process.

Add Profit Centre

A Profit Centre represents a department, division or entity that 'owns' a job or order. Profit centres are used for the purposes of establishing which accounts to post transactions to and analysing jobs using reports. Profit centres can also be used as a security feature restricting user access to only those profit centres (for the purposes of enquiry and reporting) that fall within their area of responsibility.
On setup of a profit centre a corresponding branch and location will be automatically system setup.
  • Code - Enter/select a unique code of up to 10 alphanumeric characters to identify the Division or Entity described as Profit Centre.
  • Name - Enter/select a name of up to 50 alphanumeric characters to identify the Division or Entity described as Profit Centre.