WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Location Setup

The Location and Destination Setup (including edit) windows are identical as are the processes concluding in one window, easy access and a multitude of smart functions.  Defaults and/or is user edited with the Location Edit button as being True. Based on a Location defaults the Product Type as Rock type within the (bottom) Product Cost and Price section.  Locations across multiple profit centres are clearly visible to Administrator Users and for Basic Users viewing Locations as per the profit centre they are logged in to only. 
Location Setup
In the following example we have setup a product called Sand via the Product Maintenance window and from this point setting up a Location for the product with a Cost or Price making available for selection via the Pre-Entry, Entry and Exit windows.
Location Setup
  1. Click New opening the New Location window.
  1. Create a simple location code so to identify the location easily.
  2. Create a location name and if this location is to reflect out sourcing then the name will be that of the company, entity, location or profit centre with which product is being sourced from.
c. Select and assign a Profit centre to the location and Save.  
Congratulations you have successfully setup your first location (for BCD Quarries Profit Centre).