WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Options & Setup

New users of WZWB need to determine how the setup process will actually occur and this drives key questions of data transfer e.g. Item master files of Vehicles, Haulers and Customers from your current system into the WZWB system. There are three main ways to do this;
The method you choose will be dependent on the volume of your data with full consideration of historical data to be retained during the system transition.
Prerequisites to defining WrightZone Weighbridge options and control parameters are important, requiring clear and concise agreement between parties which will vary depending on your business requirements and ensures such requirements can be met successfully: 
Once the definitions have been agreed and WrightZone has confirmed business requirements can be meet all control parameters will have been set up on installation. Following this, there are several other areas that need to be considered, these include:
On setup the applicable Master files and related data sets to meet your business needs, you should update your process and procedures documentation as required especially where a WZWB process or function differs from your existing system. We also recommend training key users in the application for fast problem resolve should they occur.