WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

WrightZone XCEL

WZ XCEL is an Excel inspired window deigned to introduce spreadsheet functionality within your WZWB application. Our philosophy behind the design of WZ XCEL is one of ensuring input equals output delivering to users via UI Pop outs a user friendly ability to simply copy and paste data from any grid or window existing under WZWB to a spreadsheet. WZ XCEL is by no means a replacement of MS Excel® neither is it a copy, its an inspiration with which to offer WZWB Users the same control they have come to expect from full featured spreadsheet products such as Microsoft Excel®.
With UI Pop outs WZWB offers users a choice of data outputs by default being either XCEL the window here in or MS Excel®.
XCEL features:
WrightZone XCEL
Users familiar with MS Excel® will learn some habitual changes under XCEL alas many similarities do exist:
WZWB is about delivering User Choice, flexibility and functionality and XCEL is one component of many that we trust users will enjoy and become familiar with.