WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Fetch Block Pop out

Fetch Block is a date parameter applied to the database that works in keeping system performance high for users. The Fetch Block From range is defaulted to 3 months (with a month measured in 28 day blocks) showing transactions backwards from the current system date within any grid. It's also effectively a rolling measure with each new day and date that passes a past date is dropped from the default block view. 
Users can edit the monthly count at anytime, (located under Tools, Options, Settings User tab) to set their own preference of the default view Fetch Block size, being of a greater; or lesser quantity of transactions per any grid.
Fetch Block Pop out
The Fetch Pop out option supercedes the default Fetch Block system parameter for the one grid it is applied upon. Users have the ability to look backwards from the current date further or setting a  range of dates to enquire upon using the First, Prior, Next and Block by Range Pop out options.  


First Block means the most current block looking backwards from the current date. First block offers the same records or transaction counts as per the Fetch Block From monthly count set.
1. First
  • F5 (Function 5) is your quick key.

Prior Block

Prior Block means a Forward Block and is only available having enquired on a Next Block (being a historic or past tense block of records) first.
2. Prior Block
  • F6 (Function 6) is your quick key.

Next Block

Next Block means a past block (effectively history). To provide an example where the current date is 31/03/2017 the default monthly and First Block size will show transactions from the 06/01/17 up to and including 31/03/2017. On Next Block selection transactions reported within the grid will range 3 months historically up to and including 06/01/17. 
3. Next Block
  • F7 (Function 7) is your quick key.

Block by Range

Block by Range offers users the ability to set their own date from and to parameter for a particular grid.
4. Block by Range
  • F8 (Function 8) is your quick key.