WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Event - Special Movement Day

The Special Movement Day event is specific to profit centres that are limited by Consent Management regulations. Event creation is flexible in that it can be created for current, past and future dates. The reason for this is to allow profit centre control over otherwise unforeseen circumstances e.g Senior Management maybe not be aware that the profit centre has exceeded either Hourly or Daily, Entry or Exit Basic Movement Counts as WZWB provides notification only. The decision to adhere or ignore these notifications remains with users. To avoid penalties in such circumstances a past date can be set and recorded as a Special Movement Day which will then be highlighted within the Consent Management reporting window from which reports to authorities are produced.  
Event - Special Movement Day
Creation of a Special Movement Day event requires Administrator privileges; in combination with Allow Movement Count and Allow Special Day settings. This event offers all the standard functionality of Scheduler with new, edit and delete excluding the recur function and when used for the current day supercedes the Basic Movement Count notifications and Scale Footer colour coding to being that of the counts set for the specific days' Special Movement Day 
Note: In the same way a Special Movement Day event can be scheduled created, edited and deleted your Committed Consulting Team can offer events of;