WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Main Pre-Entry Planner

The Pre-Entry Planner is your WZWB Bookings Management system allowing users to book and plan Customer Orders, Products with Supply Only or Supply and Deliver transaction types. Pre-Entry transactions can be copied and pasted, deleted, edited even scheduled and of course all Pre-Entry transactions work to delivering your Pre-Entry Product Forecasting totals and as such, assist in Product Manufacturing decisions and Site Production Management.
Main Pre-Entry Planner
Features & Function:
Pre-Entry Planner Grid Field List                                                                
Work Date
Means the planned work date of vehicle Entry, Exit and order fulfillment.
Means Vehicle Code (Registration or Identification).
Means transport company.
Means the Customer having placed the order and their recorded Customer Code value.
Means the customers Job/Order Description.
Means the customers ordered product and it's recorded Code value.
Product Price
Means Rock Type Product, price to the customer.
Means Supply Only or when a transaction type is Supply and Deliver the Destination Description.
Cart Price
Means Cart Type transport (cartage) price to the customer.
Means True or False and relates to Consent Management defining whether this transaction is to be considered as a Vehicle Movement Count.
Means a simple description as to the reason why the Vehicle Configuration should not be considered and therefore added to Movement Counts.
Means True of False Rock Type Product is set to being Fixed Price for this transaction.
Means True or False Cart Type (Transport) Product is set to being Fixed Price.
Means a Text type field allowing users to record any other relevant information about this transaction.
Is Sched
Means the pre-entry transaction has been scheduled via Scheduler with a Start Time.
Is Recurr
Means the pre-entry transaction forms part of a Job Run, Event Series (or recurring event).
Means the pre-entry transaction is scheduled and confirmed and the logistics scheduling plan, definitive.
Start Time
Means the hourly Start Time of which the scheduled Pre-Entry Event and corresponding transaction is expected to be Onsite
Hourly Block
Means Start Minutes Past Hour Entry set via the Movement Counts tab.
Means unique record Object Identification.