WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Order/Job Maintenance

Features a clean view and central repository of all existing Orders/Jobs with Administrators viewing Orders globally and Basic Users as per the profit centre they are logged in to. The Order Enquiry window is the primary place with which to update the Order status adding or removing orders from selection within the POS Terminal, Pre-Entry, Entry and Exit windows.
Order/Job Maintenance

Action Bar

Action Bars offer instant access to common user functions, Add, Copy and system defaulted user enquiry and reporting options.
1. Action Bar
  • Add - Opens the New Order window.
  • Copy - Copies the Order and linked Price book opening the New Order window.
  • Delete - Deletes the Order subject to no transactions having been assigned to the Order with notification provided.
  • Refresh - Refreshes data within the Order window.
  • Clear - Clears any filters set within the Filter Bar. 
  • Customer Order - Opens the Customer Maintenance, Order Transactions Summary tab, automatically filtering grid data based on the Order drilled down from. 
  • Price Book - Opens Price Book Enquiry retaining focus on the Order Price book drilled down from.

Field List

Means the unique Order/Job Code system generated, as per the Tools Menu, Auto Generate Code tab.
2. Field List
Means the customers Order/Job description or reference.
Purchase Order
Means the customers specific and typically unique Purchase Order reference for the profit center verifying order placement is valid.
Means one of two Order Types  Supply Only or Supply and Deliver used for grouping and reporting.
Price Book Code/Name
Means the Price Book Code and Name assigned to the Order/Job of which there can only be one or none.
Means a short code for Profit Centre. An Order can only belong to one profit centre when multiple have been setup.
Offers True or False and when True communicates to users the Order/Job has been successfully exported into an external system, for invoice production by Job. 
Last Trans Date
Means the most recent date a (New Exit) transaction was saved to the Job/Order. Enables to users to determine quickly whether the Order/Job is still current.
User Created
Means the User Login Name that created the Order/Job.