WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Database Setup

WZWB is built on decentralized architecture meaning data is duplicated across remote locations (even countries) offering redundancy should the server hosting the database fail hence there is both Primary and Secondary Multi-master database configurations. The Primary Connection for any WZWB Client is the nearest Server (WZWB Database) within your Local Area Network and typically doesn't require the internet for such communication or connectivity. 
Database Setup
Simple to Configure and Manage.
High write performance because WZWB Clients use a local Multi-master database therefore dependencies on connection and/or timeout sequences are completely removed.
Redundancy (no internet, cloud connection) – All writes and reads are on each local master existing at each profit centre (entity or site). 
Redundancy (no server or local connection) - WZWB Clients are automatically rerouted to a Secondary Multi-master database for continued operations. 
Multi-user – Each WZWB Client reads and writes to a local Multi-master database therefore there is no limit on the availability of licensed WZWB Clients being able to connect to the local database.

Primary Connection

If you are running a standalone (or Trial) version of the WZWB Software the Server (computer) Ip address will be set to defaulted to Port 3306 with WZWB Client and Database on the one machine only.
1. Primary Connection
Licensed Multi-user and Multi-master database configuration delivers;
  1. Full version consisting of both WZWB Client and Database (installed on your Server) and,
  2. WZWB Client Application; used to connect to the database existing on one or multiple servers; local and/or (cloud) internet connectivity based.
Server: The Ip address of your server/machine hosting the WZWB Database.
Port: The Open Port Number with which to communicate between multiple WZWB Clients and databases.  
Your Committed Consulting team will assist you and complete setup in support with your existing external or internal IT providers.
A WZWB Client doesn't have the database installed on the local machine it connects to the WZWB database via an Ip (Internet protocol) Address and Port Number (above). Having installed the full WZWB application on your server which will be allocated a Static Ip within your network WZWB Clients will record the same values (above) within the Database Primary Connection tab.
  • If you are installing the WZWB Client for the first time this will be first window made available to users.
The Test DB button can be triggered at any time and allows users to confirm that the Server Ip address and port number are correct.
The opposite is True where an incorrect Ip address and port number has been recorded.
Having received Success (above) the WZWB Client will close and start again requiring User Login
Based on the response time of receiving the Success Notification (above) using the Test DB button, users can easily determine which server and corresponding database is the fastest; working in the same way a Ping test to an Ip address does. 

Secondary Connections

2. Secondary Connections
  1. Operations resume.
  2. Provides automated WZWB Client connection to alternate databases in real-time offering redundancy and continued uptime for business critical operations.
  3. On server (or database) failure WZWB Clients connected as Primary are automatically rerouted to the nearest Secondary Multi-master database.
  • When users have main Pre-Entry, New Entry or Exit windows open ready to progress to Onsite Save or Exit Save respectively users are provided notification (above).
  • Where users don't have the main Pre-Entry, New Entry or Exit windows open notification is provided in the main footer only. Typically users are not aware of a server and corresponding database being compromised because operations will continue unimpeded.
4. Dependent on your internet connection speed (e.g. Over a Wide Area Network (WAN)) users may experience a delay in WZWB application response time. 
5. When there is a poor user experience (delay in application response time) optionally all users can try an alternative Secondary Multi-master database connection.
6. Automated recovery and restoration from Primary Server/database failure will provide automated user notification (below).

Database Login

Database Login values are defaulted on WZWB installation and are set by your Committed Consulting team at WrightZone Ltd.
3. Database Login

Export & Import

4. Export & Import
Export File:
  1. The default export directory is C:\ProgramData\WZWB\DumpDB\
  2. Export and import functions are available for the Local Server and Database only, requiring Administrator privileges. 
  3. A WZWB Client does not have security privileges or access to database export or import functionality.
Import File:
Should only be completed under supervision of your Committed Consultant.

Export as Zip File

5. Export as Zip File
  1. This function can be used in an emergency e.g Server Safe Mode and such like conditions.
  2. The WZWB  Scheduler Service does this automatically across Primary and Secondary Masters (for busy operations up to four times per day). 
  3. Administration Users have the choice of zipping their export file making it easier to send by email and/or transport to other devices when applicable. When True your export file will end in .zip and when false .sql.