WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Navigation Grids

Navigation Grids are applicable for all Master File records of Products, Customers, Suppliers and Haulers. On scrolling up or down on records each tab is automatically updated based on the record selected. All fields can be filtered, repositioned and set to being in ascending or descending order and made, hidden or visible. 
Navigation Grids    

Asterix Button

1. Asterix Button The Asterix button sometimes referred to as the star or big dot existing on all grids; offers when clicked, a dropdown of all existing fields within each Navigation grid. Users have the ability to drag up or down any field reported within the list effectively updating the field positions or placement within the grid. 
  • When True fields are visible and when False fields are hidden (applicable to all window/grids).

Customize Button

The Customize button offers users an ability to filter the content of the navigation grid and on click opens the WZWB Filter Builder interface.
2. Customize Button

Bookmarks Bar

The Bookmarks bar offers a quick count of the total number of applicable Master records existing within the database as well as quick access buttons that will send users to the First, Next Last and Previous records.
3. Bookmarks Bar