WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Event - Export to ERP & Lock Invoice Header

Both Export to ERP and Lock Invoice Header functions offer the identical setup to that of backing up your database. It's important to recognize that WZWB is the Master application and your ERP or accounting application is the Slave (taking instruction from WZWB) when defining the roles of systems integration.
Event - Export to ERP & Lock Invoice Header   
Event - Export to ERP
When WZWB exports transactions it exports into the ERP system via the WZWB ERP Interface the following transaction types:
There are three methods with which to export transactions from WZWB:
1. Scheduled - Exports all transactions not set as exported only.
2. Manual - Exporting transactions on user selection as per the functional methods provided;
3. Live - Exports transactions Exit and Edit-Exit save from the time when Live Export is set to True on the WZWB Client.
Scheduler Export to ERP Sample
Lock Invoice Header
The Invoice Lock event is an important one and is designed to ensure your WZWB application and ERP system remain in sync. Until an Invoice is Locked by an Accounts WZWB Administrator, weighbridge transactions remain editable for Basic Users which means as a potential consequence your ERP system has received invoice related data from WZWB after ERP Accounts users having produced and dispatched (via email, print or fax) these invoices. A Basic user on editing any one weighbridge transaction can change the values of a distributed invoice.
Customers set with either a daily or weekly period must be completed manually and following three work days past the end of each period if the invoice header is not locked a notification only is provided (below).       
The scheduled Invoice Lock event locks the invoice (header and corresponding line detail) automatically on all lines for any one header having been successfully exported for the past monthly period including daily and weekly periods that fall within the monthly period.
Scheduler Lock Invoice Header Sample