WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

End of Month Checklists

1. Review transactional data:
2. Order review and updates:
3. Enter any Manual dockets must be done within and for the current month or report and identify that such dockets the will be attributed to the next months invoicing (or contact support to attribute these dockets to the current, past months invoice headers).
4. Review Consent Management limitations and/or traffic peak intervals which can work towards improving health and safety compliance.    
5. Reports creation and distribution as applicable and required.
6. Confirm to Accounts, Operations are ready for invoice production.
  1. Check Lines in Error (accessed from the Invoice Maintenance window):
2. Export Not Exported Lines:
3. Check for Manual dockets that have been entered into the system after the Months end with WZWB Operation Administrators back dating the docket (transaction) date stamp.
4. Compare datasets being a small and simple application that is used to compare and check results of the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interface between WZWB and your external accounting application. This application plugs into the database of both WZWB and your external application reporting any variances of an Invoice Number and it's Net and Line Count Totals between systems (covered within your training only).
5.  Lock Invoices
Congratulations. Invoicing can now be produced and successfully distributed via your ERP or external application by invoice range or batch number and profit centre combinations.