WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

User Information window

Reports users currently logged in with an easy to understand concurrent user availability count. 
User Information window


User Information Field List

Means is Logged In and their login name.
User Real Name
Means Logged In users' real name.
Means the computer name accessing the database.    
Profit Centre
Means the current default department, division or entity the user is logged in to.
Master Kind
Means user is connected to either a Primary or Secondary database. Within the enterprise version users are connected to one of multiple Primary Multi-Master databases where on failure of a Primary users are automatically rerouted ensuring continued uptime and in such circumstances the Master Kind is reported as Secondary.
ERP Status
Means True or False user is connected to Local ERP (Accounting) application.
Logged In
True when visible and reported within the user Information Window.
Means the current WZWB version installed and running on login.
PC Count
Profit Centre (PC) count means reporting entities or (site, division) count.
WB Count
Weighbridge (WB) count means the total number of weighbridges connected and viewed (available) on login.
Logged Time
Means the Date/Time stamp of when the user initially logged in.

License Count

Reports your WZWB concurrent user Licensing Count with the Available Count reporting licensing slots available before the limit (License Count) is reached.
1. License Count

User Information Grid

Reports common detail of the machine Ip address, software version and user currently logged in.
2. User Information Grid

History button

Reports the past tense detail of users having logged in, as per the user information field list. Logged Time offers a users logged in from, date and time stamp; with fields of Machine (Server) Database Ip address and port connected to; including ERP connection being True or False in addition.
3. History button