WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Pre-Entry Scheduling

Pre-Entry Scheduling extends the pre-entry product forecasting capability in allowing users to plan and schedule the transport or logistics components of any forward order in addition. The design allows users to multiply one pre-entry transaction into a hundred on click where the logistics plan is initiated on opening of the Recurrence Event window. Users are then greeted with the WZWB MS Outlook® styled Scheduler for setting transport vehicle groups and periodicity values and once saved Master Recurrence Maintenance will impress with its drag and drop functionality and unsurpassed flexibility in being able create a single logistics plan that encompasses multiple vehicles, haulers, (transport providers), products, destinations even customers and orders.  
Pre-Entry Scheduling
Pre-Entry with Scheduler is determined by User Security settings offering function and access to the Recurrence Quantity and Confirmed fields and Scheduler button. Basic Users can continue to process and view scheduled pre-entry transactions within the Pre-Entry Planner and Pre-Entry Grid in the normal way without access to Scheduler concluding a method for transport managers to plan and for operators to follow without edit of pre-entry scheduled time stamps.

Pre-Entry Scheduling Features and Function:


Recurrence Quantity

The Recurrence Quantity is the quantity of recurrences for the one pre-entry transaction. 
1. Recurrence Quantity
  • The system default is a quantity of two being the minimum quantity required to enable a recurrence (meaning to happen or occur again repeatedly).
  • The Recurrence Quantity will match the  Event Recurrence   quantity  on click of the  Scheduler button  where it can be edited by users.
  • When users are wanting to schedule the one pre-entry transaction only then from inside the  Event Recurrence  window click  Remove Recurrence offering single  occurrence  scheduling.  


Confirmed is the means to communicate to all users that the forward order and accompanying transport or logistics scheduling plan is definitive. The opposite of confirmed is tentative which is the default status of pre-entry transactions allowing users to record either a Hauler or Customer value within the pre-entry transaction and in doing so are tentatively reserving or, at a minimum acknowledging the forward order. When pre-entry transactions are confirmed the pre-entry transaction is reported within the Percentage Complete report which is used to assess internally, the performance of any Hauler or Customer.
2. Confirmed
  • When a pre-entry transaction is Confirmed the Event Dialog is reported in bold.
  • When a pre-entry transactions is Confirmed its added to the Percentage Complete report for Hauler or Customer performance monitoring.
  • When a pre-entry transaction is Confirmed it cannot be set or undone to a status of Tentative.
  • A pre-entry transaction can only be Confirmed when its scheduled.


The Scheduler button will Save the pre-entry transaction, close the Pre-Entry window and open Event Recurrence window initiating the forward order logistics or transport scheduling plan. The default start date for the recurrence pattern is determined by the Work Date set within the Pre-Entry window
3. Scheduler    
  • When users edit a pre-entry transaction (from the Pre-Entry Planner or Main Pre-Entry grid) and it has been scheduled the Scheduler button is updated to the View Event button (above) and where it forms part of a recurring event users with have the choice of opening the events single occurrence as the default option or the entire Job Run, Event Series.