WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Export Options

There are a number of Export Options from the Printing System Print Preview accessed via the standard Pop out.
The main purpose of the Printing System for WZWB Users will be that of exporting to PDF although export to MS Excel and WZ Xcel are also fast and efficient options. Most users will not just require export to PDF they will want to email the report instantly in addition, and its based on this requirement we offer the most efficient way of achieving PDF production and distribution via email. 
Export Options
  1. Access the PDF Export option via the File, Export to PDF menu or via the Printing System Icon Toolbar
  2. Select True for Open After Export and select OK to save the PDF report/file.
  3. Create a default folder on your desktop (if not done prior or likewise folder and directory e.g WZWB PDF). Once created WZWB will automatically default all PDF reports/files to this same folder creating user efficiency and ease of access.
  4. Name the file (if its not defaulted) and click save
5. On save Adobe Acrobat is automatically opened in having set Open After Export as True. Click the Email icon (positioned fourth from left, below) where Outlook will be opened, your report automatically attached, requiring user input of an appropriate email address; completing PDF production with distribution via email, processing.
The following tabs are seldom used but remain available to users employing PDF Export: