WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Backup Methodology

For the Stand Alone (single Master database only) the Dump DB event is typically scheduled between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:00pm. Backups can be scheduled or completed manually (where the Full WZWB application is installed) at any point in time. For the Multi-Master Configuration we recommend talking to your Committed Consulting Team for advise on a strategy that will best suit your business needs. Under this configuration its assumed that your business operations and therefore use of your WZWB software is business critical which means downtime for any reason can and typically does result in loss of revenue. It is here where the backup strategy meets goals of minimizing risk.
Your WZWB software delivers redundancy out of the box and is one of the highest priority features we pride ourselves on delivering successfully.
Under the Multi-master configuration we have three or more entities, profit centres or sites and all are considered business critical.
A WZWB Multi-master configuration backup strategy guide is as follows:
  1. When you set and create backups we recommend setting the back-up on the same physical machine with which the back-up file is to be saved to.
  2. Balancing your back-up (below) is our primary priority of your WZWB database and financially related information.
  3. The HO Server is scheduled to back-up at 9:30am resource (profit centre,) BCD and at 12:30 p.m resource (profit centre,) STU (below). This means the HO Server, (database) is the least utilized during these times and therefore is best suited to performing a back up during Live operations. The Live (or hot) back-up will have minimal to no impact for busy WZWB Clients that are processing vehicles at either profit centre.