WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Scale Footer

The Scale Footer is clean a simple with the upper section offering users a single click of Vehicle Count comparison to that of Movement Counts.  The Weekly, Monthly and Annual Totals are reported as per the profit centre selected under the Movement Count tab. The upper section will default to Movement Count for users on being set as True within the Options, Settings, System tab for the profit centre they are logging in to.
Scale Footer
Where Consent Management is not applicable or profit centres are not interested in separating out such counts the upper section will default to that of being Vehicle Count (above). There are two upper bar options; where WZWB clients soon recognize the difference between such counts (taken at exactly the same time). For the Monthly Count if we are measuring Movements the total is 29 but if we are measuring dockets only (or vehicle movements plus non-movement transactions) our total is 32 for the month (being the sole measure of most competing systems). Split Loads means a different Product on the truck, to that of the trailer or, a vehicle coming into the profit centre disposing of waste (Clean Fill) and taking Product out; in both scenario's two dockets are printed hence the term Vehicle Counts, being that of docket counts. Over time the difference between Vehicle and Movement Counts grows. The small Annual totals of each (above,) already containing a variance count of 19.
WrightZone Weighbridge offers the flexibility to turn OFF and ON your weighbridge scale, with right click inside the Scale Reading boxes. Weighbridge scales are business critical to successful operations hence WZWB reads (interprets and transports) this signal in milliseconds continually. Should the connection to a scale be lost, basic applications will return as not responding inhibiting continued processing. Under WZWB OFF is set automatically on signal interruption stopping, the search or communication to the scale where users can then enter tare and gross weight manually.
A connection to a scale can be lost intermittently typically environment related in nature. The cause will be communication from the physical scale; to the terminal (or from the terminal to your computer) where WZWB will automatically sets the scale to being OFF. Users can always right click to ON should the problem be intermittent where scale readings will be restored and operations resumed successfully.
The easiest way to determine the origin of a Scale Reading problem in being hardware or software is to check; both the internal and external display panels if users can see this working correctly and no values are being returned inside the Scale Footer then the problem is likely to be that of software requiring restart the WZ Communications Service.
  1. Right click on the bottom task bar and open Task Manager.
  2. Find the WZCommService (below).
On restart, Scale Reading values will be restored and normal operations can resume.