WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

User Setup Maintenance

The User Setup and Enquiry window is accessible to all users with only Administrators being able to setup a New User.  Once a user has been provided within Login credentials they can change their password in addition to updating the Default Scale values for a profit centre for which they have access to. It's important WZWB Users login with their own credentials and that passwords remain secure.
User Setup Maintenance
Security Features:
There are three levels of security under WZWB with the Security Maintenance tab updated as per the users role of Administrator or Basic.  
Super User:
Administration User:
Basic User:


The User Grid works like all Navigation grids reporting Branch Access and Default Scale values per user record selection. 
1. Users

User Setup fields

Successful User Setup requires population of the Login Name and Real Name values, Branch Access and a Password.
2. User Setup fields

Branch Access

For every Profit Centre setup a branch is system automatically generated with a matching code and name to that of the profit centre. 
3. Branch Access
  • The Branch with a HO Code and Name is a system generated setting and with access means ALL, offering access to all profit centres; used for creating Administrator Users and delivering the global view of Customers, Products, Suppliers transactions and more.
  • Without access creates Basic Users where transactions and Master files; Customers, Orders, Locations and Destinations are viewed edited and selected as per the Profit Centre, Branch they are provided access to. 
  • Basic Users can be allocated access to multiple profit centre branches because there will be times when users from one profit centre and corresponding branch are required to fill in for another and in such situations it's important for security purposes firstly, that the substitute user logs in under their own Login and Real Name.
  • Main User Options are defaulted regardless of the machine users are logging in from.
  • User familiarity is important for successful operation hence main settings of the weighbridge scale, docket and printer are defaulted  as per User Profile settings.

Default Profit Centre

The Default Profit centre means the default profit centre to be applied on user login when multiple profit centres have been setup.
4. Default Profit Centre

Default Scales

The Default Scales available for selection are as per Options Weighbridge Scales whether connected and reading a true physical scale or not.  The Default Scale grid reports both Scale Name and Profit Centre (PC) as per scale setup. Users can be assigned a maximum of two scales being typically the Entry and Exit scale for any one profit centre. WZWB will only allow valid combinations where Head Office (HO) being at the top of the profit centre hierarchy offers the grouping of all lower levels being profit centre and branch field value combinations.  
5. Default Scales
  • With the Default field (above) being True the scale is reported and available for selection (and exchange) within the WZWB Scale Footer.
  • Should users rename their scale via the Options, Weighbridge Scales tab users are required to reset the Default field to True based on the scale name change.
  • Common or standard settings are that of setting User Branch Access (BCD) being a match to scale assigned with the profit centre of (BCD).
  • A scale is assigned to a profit centre via the Options, Weighbridge Scales tab and Branch Access allows for a users profit centre, branch to be assigned a scale from a different profit centre invoking intercompany transactions.

Maintenance Tab

The User, Maintenance tab is self explanatory with password being the only mandatory value being required on user setup.
  • POS Autorun is for unmanned operations where WZWB will automatically run the WZWB POS Terminal and prepopulate both User Name and Password values with application start and/or computer restart. 


The User Maintenance Security tab is used determine access and privileges for Basic and Administration Users.
7. Security