WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Report Writers

There are two report writers under your WrightZone Weighbridge software with the primary of the two being our WZWB Printing System allowing end users to right click and print or print preview via the standard Pop out feature. It's simple to use, with an astounding level of functionality and flexibility. Our Printing System is an advanced data rendering printing system specifically designed to bring the WZWB window/grid to the printed page including a direct output to PDF. With our aim in delivering the perfect end user experience the print preview capabilities of the Printing System provides you with countless customization options during application runtime. Displaying information exactly, as per your customized window/grid data grouping filtering and sorting options.
WrightZone Weighbridge software employs FastReport for VCL manufactured by Fast Reports Incorporated.
Fast Reports, Inc. builds fast reporting software: applications, libraries and add-ons.
Currently WZWB uses FastReports for docket production only and WrightZone looks forward to increasing its capacity and capability within your WZWB Software.
Our Report Writer's primary purpose is for Docket, Invoice and Statement production being 'flat file' outputs.
Contact your Committed Consulting Team for report production that is cost effective and completed smartly.