WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Secondary Connections

Secondary Connections
  1. Redundant data backups in a decentralized architecture offer which updates to copies of a database, can be maintained even if one of the computers in the network ceases to function.
  2. Are automated by default alas users can invoke the 'manual' option to switch over to a Secondary master upon failure of the Primary master in recording a Secondary Ip address within the Primary Connection tab.  With automated switch to a Secondary Multi-master users can continue using the application that uses the WZWB database and eventually, when the Primary master comes back up, recovery is quick and automated.
  3. Not available under a WZWB Single Server Multi-master installation and configuration.

Service Name

1. Service Name
  1. Service Name is a simple description of your Server Name hosting the WZWB Database determined and set using your servers, Static Ip Address.
  2. HP (above) represents (WZ) Hewlett Packard Server the description is recommend to be set as per your profit centre setup Code representing Sites, Divisions or physically disparate Locations. 
  3. Offers users the ability to select only and Test database Secondary (Ping) response times.
  4. Features user choice with True or False defaults Set as main for secondary as per WrightZone (SoS) Scope of Service recommendations.
  5. Concluding in redundancy with continued uptime on local server and/or database failure.   
Set As Main Secondary (Server & Database)
  1. Sets a hierarchy should the Primary master fail. 
  2. Set As Main for Secondary being True means WZWB Clients are automatically rerouted to connect to this server and database in the first instance.
  3. If False or not Set (on either Secondary Options) WZWB will still automatically reroute to the next WZWB Database Service prioritized operating server and database.