WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

New Exit

POS New Exit is accessed in the same way Onsite Entry is, with the recording of a vehicle ID.  New Exit is identical to that of Onsite Entry including all functionality and driver options excluding the transaction recall button and adding Gross and Net weight field values. Drivers can optionally update any field excluding weight values. With the simplistic Pre-Entry and Onsite touch screen functionality save is typically the only driver input required.
New Exit
  1. With successful of Onsite Entry Save and the driver clicks Loaded is True the POS New Exit window opens. Removing the vehicle from being Onsite with and with driver Save the vehicle is successfully exited and the docket printed.  
  2. On Loaded drivers will see only New Exit where Transaction Recall will apply by default if Onsite Entry has not occured. With this exception only WZWB will transaction recall the last stored Tare Weight in addition.
  3. If there is no last stored Tare Weight both gross and net weight values will match as per the weighbridge scale reading. Without a vehicle stored tare the customer will be charged at gross weight unless updated by users via manned operations.