WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Settings Local Tab

The Setting Local tab is system defaulted from installation. The label 'Local' references the local machine settings WZWB is installed on only.
Settings Local Tab

Docket Copies

Docket Copies means the quantity of dockets to be printed on vehicle exit.
1. Docket Copies

Reprint Copies

Reprint Copies means the quantity of dockets printed on choosing to reprint a past completed transaction.
2. Reprint Copies

Default PB Expiry

Default PB (Price book) Expiry is set to 365 days and can be edit by users in being a local setting at any point in time.  When Price books a created the system default expiry date of the price book is one year (or 365 days) from the date it was created.
3. Default PB Expiry

Print Notes

Print Notes offers users the choice to print 'additional' dispatch notes on docket print. This feature is often used to communicate to vehicle drivers order and/or destination specific instructions.
4. Print Notes

Order Save Message

The Order Save Message delivers a notification to the originating user (below) on all New Orders created and saved, successfully.
5. Order Save Message

Live Export

Live Export will export New Exit Save and Edit-Exit saved transactions into your external accounting or ERP system.
6. Live Export
  • Live Export must be set as True on a WZWB Primary Multi-Master Server, Client machine via the Set as Main ERP Machine radio button before WZWB Clients can then set this value as True and export transactions.
  • Users will not experience any delay or performance issues when Live Export is enabled in fact they will not even realise that it's even set.   

Use Service for Export ERP

The Use Service for Export is only available for selection when Set as Main ERP Machine is True. This setting enables the manual export of transactions for Administration and Basic Users subject to security maintenance regardless of where and what machine they are using.  
7. Use Service for Export ERP
  • Facilitates a command based on the transactions selected to export. On sync of the command to the Primary Multi-master database set as the Main ERP Machine; the WZ Scheduler Service will export (transactions or) Accounts Receivable invoices into external and integrated; accounting or ERP application, software.

Use Save Monitoring

Save Monitoring is an internal toolset used to measure the user Save time (button click) of the New Entry or New Exit windows to window close and therefore process completion.  
8. Use Save Monitoring
  • Creates a log file reporting in milliseconds the time between user click and database process completion.
  • Extends or lengthens database processing time and therefore is not recommended to be set as True.
  • Provides a measure of performance and speed between system Client to Database connectivity and therefore means of correction (hardware or software) should it be applicable.    

Tare, Gross Maximum

The Tare, Gross Maximum provides notification to operations users on vehicles exceeding the maximum tare and/or gross weight.. Profit Centre maximum tare and gross weight values are set via Product Maintenance with Cart Type and Vehicle Configuration set as True.
9. Tare, Gross Maximum
  • Tare, Gross weight Maximum notification is a local User Profile setting meaning users will not receive notification if set to False.
  • Weight fields flash in red with notification provided on choosing to save and/or edit either an Entry tare weight or Exit Save (including Edit Exit) gross weight; above the maximum set.

Autorun in POS Mode

The Autorun in POS Mode is designed to start the WZWB POS Terminal without user intervention on machine reboot.   
10. Autorun in POS Mode          
  • Machine registry settings are automatically updated to ensure this happens in following the simple Autorun, Setup procedure (below).

Autorun, Setup

1. Setup User, POS. 
2. Under Administrator login select POS User and set Autorun to being True (on local Machine).
3. Under POS User Login, Start in POS Mode Autorun is True (on local POS machine).
4. Under POS User Login the Profit Centre assigned during user setup will default (above right) select 'POS' User, click Apply and Save