WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Grid Pop outs

Every grid has its each and own independent Pop out delivering a range of quick access functions for users. The Pop out functions are standardized throughout the application where its possible to do so based on the data content; e.g. Excel, XCEL, Preview, Print, Refresh, Clear, Expand All, Collapse All, Fetch, Grid Default and Grid Profile Edit are all standard functions.  Pop outs are accessed with right click of the mouse (sampled below the Transactions Grid Pop out).     
Grid Pop outs


On click users are prompted to save the content of the grid to a file with an extension of .XLSX. A file with the XLSX file extension is a Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet file, being an XML based spreadsheet file created by Microsoft Excel (in version 2007 and later).
1. Excel


On click the content of your grid instantly copied to WZ Xcel.


On click the copy function (within the Transactions, Invoice and Location Destination Enquiry windows) offer users the ability to Copy either the Cell or Row Value into the clipboard for either pasting (for enquiry) into another form and/or application. 
3. Copy

ERP Export

On click of the ERP Export function the same manual export functionality is delivered within the Invoice Maintenance window.
  • Primarily an Accounts function delivers, the ability to export your weighbridge transactions into your ERP application (of choice*) Manually.
4. ERP Export
Users have the options with use of standard Shift or CTRL keyboard functions in the exporting of one or multiple (user-defined filtering) WrightZone Weighbridge transactions.
  • On doing so successfully, will results the following message:


On click delivers Print Preview of all grid content and under the Printing System can be further customized by users.
5. Preview
  • CTRL E is your quick key.


As the name describes prints customized or saved reports directly to your default A4 Printer
6. Print
  • CTRL P is your Quick key.


The Email Pop out is available to all Administrators and is made available to Basic Users via Security Maintenance and enabling it for each Master file group of Products, Customers, Haulers, Suppliers and Main Operations tabs. 
7. Email
On click, the process prompts users to name the Excel spreadsheet system created (below).
On Email MS Outlook is opened (if its not already) where the Excel file (.xlsx) is automatically attached to a newly opened email ready for users to record a recipients address and send.   
  • CTRL M is your Quick key.
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook.
Outlook Setup
Although you might have MS Outlook installed users can receive notification (below) in using the Email function for the first time.
  1. Close Outlook if its running and locate the icon from your desktop or program files and right click choosing to run as Administrator.
  2. Inside Outlook navigate to File / Options and browsing to the Trust Centre and opening the Trust Center window.
  3. Navigate to Programmatic Access and select "Never warn me about suspicious activity" and click OK and close Outlook.
  4. Congratulations, the Email Pop out is now successfully configured and ready to use.  


Refresh updates grid content looking for any new data or changes in data.
8. Refresh
  • CTRL R is your Quick key.


Removes any Filters being applied within your grid.
9. Clear
  • CTRL X is your Quick key.

Expand All

Will expand all from the innermost column field.
10. Expand All

Collapse All

Will collapse all to the innermost column field.
11. Collapse All


Fetch Block works in delivering only a set Count of records to any Grid or Form ensuring a continued high performance WZWB application.
12. Fetch
  • First Block means the most current up to the 'count' of records.
  • Prior Block means a Forward Block and is only available having enquired on a Next Block first.
  • Next Block means a Past Block (effectively history) before the First Block or the most current block of records, up to the 'count' of records.
  • Block by Range offers users the ability to set a Block Count range for any Grid e.g 1 - 1,000,000 superceding the user set and default Fetch Block count setting.

Show Tonne / Kilogram

Delivers a view of weighbridge captured weights (Tare, Gross, Net) in either tonne or kilogram units of measure.
13. Show Tonne / Kilogram
Kilograms                                                                 Tonnes

Grid Default

All Grids have a Default Setting which can be reset or updated at any point in time as your business needs change, talk to your WZWB Committed Consultant to go about achieving this. The Grid Default function clears Filters and Field settings and restores the grid content to its default settings and values. 
14. Grid Default 

Grid Profile Edit

The Grid Profile Edit is a toolset accessed on right click from grid Pop outs that lets each user set create, edit and recall (load) their own specific views for any grid.
15. Grid Profile Edit