WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Event - Dump Database

Although the description may sound crude this is your automated Database Backup Scheduler. These backups can be scheduled on one or multiple machines that have your WZWB database installed.
Event - Dump Database


Task, as the name implies is a list of programmatic events for users that can, and are recommended to be performed on an ongoing basis. The Dump DB event means the scheduling of your database backups.
1. Task
  • The Dump DB event can be manually performed in addition via the Tools, Options, Database Tab.  

Computer and MAC Address

2. Computer and MAC Address
  • Computer selection is specific and offered only on Server and Database WZWB Client Local selection of Events.
  • Current  text confirms you are selecting and performing the backup for the current machine which is recommended.
  • MAC Address is reported on selection of the server (computer) and is used as a further identifier of the machine performing the backup. 


Is the directory selected with which to backup your database to, the default being:
3. Location

Start Date Time

Delivers users the choice of date and time stamp with which the Dump DB event is to be performed. 
4. Start Date Time


Identifies whether the Dump DB event (or any event) is Active which is True by default.  
5. Active
  • Once a task is complete the Active status will update to False automatically.


Resource is your Profit Centre when you have multiple under WZWB.
6. Resource
  • The Resource combo box offers selection of the profit centres setup under WZWB.
  • Where you have multiple resources (profit centres) a separate calendar will exist for each.
  • With selection of resources (individually or in combination) the event will be displayed in the corresponding resources' calendar.

Comments Field

The Comments Field is a Text type field allowing users to record additional information about the Dump DB event selected.

Recurrence button

The Recurrence button needs little explanation as the name communicates it purpose to schedule and recur the chosen event.
8. Recurrence button
  1. Set the Start time.
  2. Set your Recurrence Pattern being daily, weekly monthly or yearly.
  3. Set the Recur quantity based on your requirements.
  4. Set Range of recurrence and click OK.