WrightZone Weighbridge Software Manual

Settings Local Printers Tab

The Settings; Local Printers tab delivers:
1. Docket Layout box - Consisting of the Profit Centre combo box and Path to Docket directory.
2. Local Printers Grid - Consisting of  PC (Profit Centre), Printer A4 and Printer Docket combo boxes offering per profit centre, Docket and A4 Printer setup. 
Settings Local Printers Tab

Docket Layout

Docket layouts are agreed, setup and tested as per your WZWB prerequisites and project plan.
1. Docket Layout
  1. Editing dockets is accessed by the Tools, report writer menu.
  2. On opening the Fast Reports report writer application click File, Open and browse to your C:\Program Files\WZWB*\ folder (if its not defaulted).
  3. Select files with an extension .fr3 (above BCD Quarries.fr3).
  4. The docket report will be opened where users are recommended to click File; Save as, before proceeding with any docket layout changes. 
  • Path to Docket delivers the directory location of the docket report writer form; defaulted on WZWB installation.
  • Tools Menu; Report Writer is offered as an Administrators function only.

Pinter A4

Printer A4 determines and sets you A4 printer.
2. Pinter A4
  • Users need only drop down the fields of Printer A4 or Docket selecting their appropriate printer. Both fields look up your currently installed Devices and Printers Setup.
  • (Printer A4 Network) communicates a Network Printer and only via MS Windows successful Devices and Printers Setup will any printer be available for local default printer selection.
  • Users can set the A4 Printer 'HP Office.. X476dw' (above) as the default docket printer in the case of docket (or ticket) printer failure, offering printer redundancy.

Printer Docket

Printer Docket determines and sets your docket printer. With Microsoft Windows and successful Setup of your printer its recommended that users test outputs initially via right click of the printer in question (found in Devices and Printers Setup) selecting Properties where a Print Test Page button can be found.
3. Printer Docket